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…to the Jugger coach blog. Since I’m missing a website where Jugger players can get and share information on Jugger Training and how to exercise good Jugger training sessions, well… lets start this!

What is the Jugger Coaching Blog?

It’s an approach on the missing coach schooling opportunities in Jugger sport.

Sadly, after over 20 years of played Jugger (in GER) this topic hasn’t been developed much more than a rough concept state. And with reasons, too:
Jugger, even after all this time, is so fast-evolving, that any book or seminar on Jugger training would be outdated even before it could reach publication. The international community doesn’t work together, because of missing multi national communication and willing bodies . Therefore, international exchange is mostly limited to player-to-player communication. At last, there are so many aspects to this sport (fighting- AND field sport, remember?) that it is a huge undertaking to collect and asses all the information spread to over hundred teams worldwide.

All this reasons, and the fact that I tried to compile a comprehensive Jugger training manual for the last three years, led me to the belief that there has to be a more agile approach to spread the word of sporty Jugger training. Many pages of unfinished training manual won’t benefit anybody, if they are idling on my drives.

So, what’s the plan?

Two plans, actually:

  • On this blog I will successively publish the collected and assessed Jugger training compendium so far, carried together and assessed by and from several coaches. The material will be reworked one more time and is being published on a Request for Comment basis.
  • Dedicated players and coaches will (hopefully) see this blog and have the urge to contribute. By using the posted guides in their training and improve on the material with their feedback or by requesting an authors account on this blog and writing new posts directly. There are many uncovered fields, like weapon techniques and tactic design, where basic guides are still missing.

All contributors will be be most welcomed. Since this should work out as an international project, all topics will be held in English initially, but there is room for translations of course.

When do I need this?

When you are a Jugger player and you want to morph yourself and your ragged bunch of “T-Shirt Juggers” into a sporty tournament team, this is the place to be. Well… actually it’s one of the only places to get information on Jugger training besides some overhauled training game collections.

The work is and will be focused mostly on new and intermediate Jugger teams. I reason that top teams will have covered most of the presented topics. Humans have been known to do all kind of sports in their time and existing knowledge has to come from someone.
Since over 80% of the teams seemingly doesn’t have that knowledge or skill, the goal is to reach exactly those teams to build sporty Jugger clubs with smaller injuries quotas.

Who’s behind this?

Most of the material was collected and revised by Aaron (GER, Juggers Jugg, Flying Juggmen), Mark (IRE, Setanta), myself (GER, Pink Pain, Gossenhauer) and the JAGS Workgroup, but many other committed players and coaches have helped willingly or unknowingly since the first adaption of Blood of Heroes.

Quality Gates

All the released articles will have passed one of the following quality guidelines:

  •  The material comes from a verifiable, scientific or otherwise reliable source.
    This will be mostly articles related to athletics, medicine or taken from Non-Jugger coaching education.
  • Good Practice approach
    Experienced coaches have actually tested the methods with their teams and have given their consen. Most likely this will have been some Jugger lab rats in certain teams.

However, Best Practice approaches can’t be given yet. Many exercises and methods will be improved in the future, hopefully with your contribution. But we have to start somewhere.

So far…

… till now. I hope you will give a lot of feedback on the future articles. Knowing, that

“[…] there is no real alternative to Jugger.” (Bucki)



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