Warmup: Gnome-Up

This is the second version of my currently used warmup sequence for training sessions. It has seen it’s use in the Pink Pain training for tryhards and has yielded good results so far. It is influenced by warmups from Jugglers Jugg (GER) and Setanta (IRE), as well as own experience and field sport warmup reserach. You can download the ArtOfWarmUp_CheatSheet(GER) to take it out for a try in your training session.

Gnome Warmup:

Distances of the exercise are oriented on the length of a Jugger field (40 meters), for easy performance in training and tournaments.

Warmup of body (core body temperature +2°C ) improves on central nervous system (reaction, focus), performance (Muscle function, blood flow, transport of metabolic products), and reduces risk of injuries.

  • Jogging – relaxed jogging with deep breathing to get to feel body and motion.
    • Three times forward with dynamic direction changes.
    • One time backward on forefoot
    • Two times side way run (one time each) with over-crossing feet, on forefoot
    • One time forward jumping run (think of Super Mario).
    • One time side way jumping with active arm movement,
  • Static Stretching – Hamstring group
  • Core/Legs
    • One length High Knees, straight upper body, active arm movement. knees as high as possible
    • One length Butt Kicks, straight upper body, active arms, kick your arse with them heels!
  • Static Stretching – quadriceps, calves
  • Running with directional changes – fast changes out of running motion forwards, side ways and baclward changes.
  • Dynamic Stretching
    • a half length of stepped lunges, keep weight you heel, straight back, go deep and dynamically in your groin
    • a half length of squats, squad to side, two steps, squad to other side, repeat, keep weight on heels and a straight back.
  • Upper Body and Balance – gater in a cycle and easily keep jumping on you forefoot on the spot
    • Jumping Boxing – 10 times each side, while jumping do shadow boxing with fully outstretched arms, feel the movement and stretch in the back of the shoulders
    • Jumping Jacks – 15 times, fast and with bent arms
    • Bear Hugs – 10 times, cross your arms in front of your chest fast and with strength two times, witch each hand on top each, then explosively pull elbows back and cushion the blow with your back muscles.
    • Romanian Cross – 15 times each, stand on one foot and tap the ground/tip of your shoe with alternating arms, stand up after each tap, actively use your ankle muscles
    • Ankle Tap – 20 times, double shoulder wide standing, bend knees so that you can reach the outside of your ankle with your opposite arm, fixated stand up to the hips, fastly tip the ankles with the opposite hand and bring the other arm outstretched in the air.
    • Archer – 10 times, feet together, arms in the air and let fall down arms and upper body, letting everything above the hip hang down realxed, stand sideways and pull a imaginary bow (archery) from the ground up to maximum extension, feel the dynamic stretch in shoulders. Repeat with other side.
    • Legswings – 5 times each, stand on one foot and dangle the outstretched other leg outward and inward in front of your body, keep balace from hip upwards and with arms, don’t fall over, change leg.
    • Windmill – 20 times each, hip wide stand, rotate the outstretched arm in front and in back in a fast motion, support the frond/back changes with your hips/upper body.
  • Sprints – perform full energy sprints, min 2x)
  • Personal Stretch – at least one dynamic stretching method of the players own choice. It is important to support individual perception and warmup of the players choice. They know their bodies best, educate them to be self-sufficient.
  • Personal Warmup – with and without Weapon. Players individually warm up their Jugger techniques.
    • Footwork -running, stopping, footwork changes
    • Stance – block and attack moves of the players technique set
    • Athletics – jumps, dives, jacknives, …

Small Warm Up

…before tournament games. Do a complete warmup before the first game.

  • Individually chosen subset of warmup with shorter duration by players own choosing.
  • Players should break the “Heavy Breathing Barrier” to prepare for heavy physical exercise.
  • Intermediate dynamic stretches to restore motion intuition and reduce injury risk.

Cool Down:

relaxes the muscles and initiates regeneration (degradation of  metabolic products), calms breathing and cardiovascular system, and equalizes nervous system (para-/sympathetic nervous system).

  • Drink! – rehydration for regeneration (Alcohol-free beer is the best sports drink available)
  • Casual jogging– relaxed running, forward, backward, sideways, rotate outstretched arms
  • Dive-Up, Angry Cat – Happy Cat – miniature yoga for back and body
  • Archer/Legswing/Own Excercise -Relaxation of muscle tension
  • Static Stretches:
    • Minimum -Most burdened areas: hamstrings, quadriceps, neck and shoulders
    • Better – full body static stretching

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